Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

WHILE OCCUPYING YOUR PROPERTY AT RANCHO CALIFORNIA RV RESORT, LESSEE WILL BE EXPOSED TO MANY PEOPLE AND THE RISK OF CONTRACTING A COMMUNICABLE DISEASE OR ILLNESS IS SERIOUS AND DANGEROUS AND MAY INVOLVE RISK OF SERIOUS ILLNESS AND/OR DEATH. PURCHASER VOLUNTARILY ASSUMES ALL RISKS, HAZARDS AND DANGERS arising from or relating in any way to the risk of contracting a communicable disease or illness (including exposure to COVID-19, a bacteria, virus, or other pathogen capable of causing a communicable disease or illness), whether occurring before, during, or after occupying the campgrounds, however caused or contracted, and hereby waives all claims and potential claims against the Rancho California RV Resort, and their officers, agents, and employees relating to such risks. I hereby further agree to INDEMNIFY AND SAVE AND HOLD HARMLESS the Rancho California RV Resort, and each of them, and their officers, agents, and employees, from any loss, liability, damage, or cost they may incur arising out of or related to illness or death of me, my agents or employees, and/or any person or persons that I purchased a campsite for or sold to while occupying property at Rancho California RV their officers, agents, employees, or otherwise.


Renter is liable for any damage of amenities during entire rental period including but not limited to furniture, appliances, RV Pad, etc.

Occupants personal property including their RV and their vehicles are not insured by the owner, RVLBO LLC, Rancho California Owners Association, Rancho California RV Resort against loss, due to fire, theft, vandalism, personal injury, weather or anything.

It is recommended renter carry or obtain insurance to protect all occupants, pets, and personal property from any loss or damage. Be aware if your site is on the golf course: you may be exposed to errant golf balls. Be aware all lawns have sprinklers and your RV may get wet.

To the fullest extent of the law the undersigned renters agree to defend , indemnify, and hold harmless owner of property, Rancho California RV Resort Owners, RanchoRVSites.com, RVLBO LLC, employees, residents, association, its directors, and managers, harmless from and against and/or demands which might be made by you the renter or any third party including and person brought into the resort by you, but not limited to employees, contractors, or guests who claim personal injury, bodily injury, and/or property damage which occur within this project


Check-In Time: 1 p.m. to 59 p.m. Daily
Check-Out Time: 12 p.m.

Not Permitted to check-in after 10pm


1. Medical Emergencies: Call 911 and then Security at 951-491-5699 so that they can assist getting emergency vehicles to your location. You will also need to identify which lot/unit you are located within the Resort. We recommend you add this number to your contacts so that you can easily find it in an emergency.

2. Registration for Renters/Guests of Owners

Vehicles–all vehicles (RV’s, cars, trucks, golf carts, motorcycles, etc.) must meet RCRVR HOA requirements and must be registered with the HOA Office on or before arrival.

Registering Your Vehicles: Recreational Vehicles (RV) must be registered at the HOA office prior to arrival and before moving to different locations within the Resort. Please be prepared to present the following upon arrival:

• Current State Registration for your RV and each passenger vehicle.

• Current proof of liability insurance for RV and each passenger vehicle.

• All RV’s must be between 30 ft. and 45 ft. long and meet the standards listed in

the governing documents. Ask your leasing agent, owner or the HOA Office

for specifics for what is permitted at this Resort.

Speed limit throughout the resort is 10mph. Cars, trucks and RV’s must yield to pedestrians, golf carts and animals.

STOP at all stop signs and obey all traffic regulations.

Extended Stay Requirements by Riverside County: Rancho California RV Resort is an “Extended Occupancy Park” pursuant to Riverside County Ordinance No. 348 and a non-permanent living community pursuant to the project’s Conditional Use Permit. Therefore, units (lots) regardless of whether the owner or tenant is on property must be vacated a minimum of ninety (90) days throughout EACH calendar year. Contact your leasing agent or owner of the lot for information.

                    3. Utilities

a. Bathhouse and Laundry Facilities

• All bathhouse and laundry buildings have security locks that require a code to enter. Get your code from the HOA office or Security. DO NOT GIVE THE CODE TO ANYONE.

• Laundry: Washers and dryers use quarters only or there is an app (see attached flyer) which allows you to pay directly from your smart phone. A

change machine is located in the Small Clubhouse adjacent to the HOA office.



b. Cable television is provided at no extra charge to each lot in The Ranch. A channel list is included in this packet and available at the HOA Office.

c. Mail service is not provided to RCRVR; however, it can be arranged at the Aguanga US post Office or in Temecula, at USPS locations and at private mailbox rental locations. Packages and regular mail can also be addressed to 45600 Hwy 79, Aguanga, CA 92536 Unit # XXX (the XXX is your lot/unit #)). The HOA office, as a courtesy, will take mail (envelopes only) to the Post Office for you. Note: This is a service provided to owners/renters. The Association nor HOA employees accept responsibility, nor can they be held liable for any letters left at the HOA Office.

• The “Outgoing Mail Box” is located just inside the HOA Office.

• No owner, renter or guest may use the Resort’s street address to receive


• Mail can be sent to individuals at the Resort by using the following address:

General Delivery, 45600 Hwy 79, Aguanga, CA 92536.

• An individual box can be arranged at the Aguanga US Post Office or in

Temecula, or at private mailbox rental locations.

d. Deliveries by UPS, FedEx, Etc: etc.(generally packages, not mail) being shipped

directly to you at the Resort should be made to your specific unit/lot using the Resort address of 45525 US Hwy 79 S, Unit # XXX, (lot/unit #) Aguanga, CA 92536. The HOA office does not accept deliveries for individual owners or renters.

e. Electric is handled on a case-by-case basis. Ask your leasing agent or lot owner for details.

f. Internet (WiFi) is available in the Small Clubhouse. The password is dogsrfun (all lower case).

g. Propane filling is available at the Ranch at the Propane Station. You must deliver your tanks prior to the filling time and name and lot number must be clearly labele on each tank. For filling and distribution times, see the posted schedule at the propane station.

• Propane is generally filled Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday twice daily and morning’s only on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. Times are subject to change as necessary.

h. Propane delivery to your Lot is available on Thursdays by adding your name to the Weekly List for Service located at the HOA Office. Payment for delivery is arranged with the carrier, Alliance Propane (951) 676-1916, prior to delivery.

i. ATM: There is an ATM machine located in the small club house. This is a machine that belongs to a third party and the HOA is not responsible for this machine

j. Trash Collection: Trash pick-up is provided seven days a week at your individual lot. Dumpsters are to be accessed by authorized Resort personnel only.

• Place trash at your curb no earlier than 7:00 a.m. and no later than 11:00 am. If you are unable to get your trash out in those hours, please keep it secured on your lot. Do not put trash out at night—animals will get in to the garbage. Call the HOA office if you have any questions regarding trash pick-up.

• Boxes must be flattened and no longer than two feet.

• For those leaving the Resort Sunday after trash pick-up, several small trash cans

will be placed by the propane fill station for your convenience.

• Greens: Brush, twigs, and branches, are picked up if tied together and no

longer than two feet.

Clippings must be bagged.

Water/Wells: The Resort owns and maintains several wells that provide fresh

water and irrigation water throughout the Resort. Our water is tested regularly by a third party. With the recent years of drought and ongoing dry conditions, we must be more mindful of water usage. Fines will be assessed according to the schedule on the Water Policy.

• ABSOLUTELY NO washing off of driveways, buildouts, screens, etc. with a hose. Blow off the driveways and buildouts and use a bucket, sponge, and towels for screens. (Pressure washing MAY be allowed with permission from the General Manager).

• Cars, trucks, and other vehicles must be taken to town.

• RV’s may be washed on your lot by:

• Outside contractors that use pressure washers

• If you do-it-yourself, we strongly recommend a pressure washing

system. If you use a hose, IT MUST HAVE A SHUT OFF nozzle—you

may NOT just let the water run.

• Golf carts can be cleaned at your lot IF you use a bucket or pressure


• ABSOLUTELY NO hoses can be left running. Use a shut off nozzle.

4. Pets

a. The Dog Park is located on Pato Frio road across from the guard shack is for

owners, renters and guests of same. Bags are provided for mandatory clean up. • Aggressive pets will be asked to leave the dog park.

b. Excessive Noise: Pet owners are responsible for any excessive noise from their pets, including uncontrolled barking.


d. Pet Restraints: All pets must be on leash, when walking or on a tether line when on your lot. Never leave your pets outside your RV unattended.

• Aggressive pets may be asked to leave the Resort.

4. RCRVR Services:

a. Copy and Fax Services are available in the HOA Business Office at a minimal cost.

• For incoming faxes, use 951-767-2188.

5. Maintenance pertaining to your rented lot—such as malfunctioning sprinklers–are

remedied by the HOA Maintenance Department. Call Maintenance directly at 951-591- 6155. Issues with appliances, condition of the rented lot, etc. are the lot owner’s responsibility. Please discuss those concerns directly with the owner or property manager.

6. Parking for your vehicles and golf carts must be on your rental lot. Do not park any vehicle or cart so that it hangs over the street. DO NOT park on another lot without written approval from that owner and on file at Security and HOA office.

7. Quiet Hours .

                   Pet Waste: Pet owners are responsible for picking up pet waste and its proper disposal. Hours are 10 pm to 7 am Sunday through Thursday and 11 pm to 7 am Friday and Saturday

a. Speed Limit throughout The Resort is 10 mph. Cars, trucks and RV’s must yield to pedestrians, golf carts, and animals. Please adhere to the speed limits and stop signs in cars, golf carts, bikes etc.

8. Golfing: RCRVR has a private 14-hole Executive Golf Course. Renters and owner’s guests are welcome to play. There is a small fee for renters and owner’s guests that must be paid prior to starting golf. Please see the Golf Club’s web page for more information www.RCRVRGolfClub.weebly.com . You will be given a copy of the Local Rules when picking up your golf passes. We ask all to observe the following rules:

a. Green Fees–

. Passes can be purchased at The Market Place or

the HOA Office during business hours.

b. Golf carts with aggressive tread patterns are restricted to cart paths. All others are restricted to cart paths except players with a physical handicap exemption from the HOA Office that is prominently displayed on the cart

• Golf carts can be driven on the fairways on holes 3, 4, 11, and 13 (no aggressive tire treads).

• Use the 90-degree rule to enter and exit these fairways.

• Golf carts must be kept 30 feet from the greens at all times and are not

allowed on tee boxes or wet areas where carts might damage turf at any


c. ALL Golf cart drivers must have a Valid driver’s license.

d. Rules, Etiquette, Local Rules, etc.

• Activities other than golf are NOT permitted on the course, cart paths or rough areas around the golf course at any time.

• All golfers must replace divots and repair ball marks on the greens. Players on the course must have their own clubs with individual Golf Passes (prominently displayed).

• Out of Bounds: Do not trespass on any Owner’s property. A ball on an Owner’s property is considered out-of-bounds and golfer may not enter an Owner’s property to retrieve ball without permission.

e. Chipping and Putting:

• There is a chipping located behind the Small Club House (HOA Office building).

o There is no fee to use the practice green or chipping green.

• A putting green is located at the corner of the Market and pool/spa area

o There is no fee to use the practice green or chipping green.

f. Warm Up Cage: There is a warm up cage near the entrance to the first tee box.

     All renters and guests of renters must pay green fees and prominently

   display the proper Golf Pass at all times

                          • There is no fee to use the warm up cage.

a. Fishing is permitted in the Fishing Lake only. Use barbless hooks and follow catch-and-release techniques.

7. Activities:


b. Pickle ball and Tennis courts are for pickle ball and tennis only. No other activities are permitted–no bikes, in-line skates, or scooters on the courts. No pets.

c. There are numerous activities always happening. Be sure to check the Ranch

calendar to see what is coming up. We have golf tournaments, pickleball tournaments,

movie nights, bands at the Fishing Lake, bocce ball and horseshoes to name a few.

d. Pools and Spas close at 11:00 pm. The Resort DOES NOT have lifeguards at any

of the pools or spas. Use at your own risk. Glass items are NOT permitted at any pool or spa. Proper swimwear is required. No running.

• The Owner’s Pool/Spa, located between lots 69 and 118, is off limits to non- owners.

• All other pools are for use by owners, renters and guests of same, but registered renter/guest/owner must accompany any unregistered guests to the pools.

• The pools are NOT for USE by Café or Market patrons unless they are owners or registered renters/guests.

8. Staying Informed:

a. Monthly calendars of events are available on the first day of each month. They are

posted at the Small Club House bulletin board by the HOA Office and in the Main

Club house entrance. They are also available at the HOA office.

b. Community Bulletin Board located street side adjacent to the propane filling


d. Email Notifications: (Constant Contact) Long-Term Renters (six (6) months or

longer) can ask to be added to our Constant Contact email notification system. Constant Contact is an email-based system used for delivering information to owners and long-term renters. You can use this to receive messages from the management, Activities Committee, General Manager or Board of Directors. Messages can include information about upcoming events (i.e., movie nights, bands, etc.) or if there is an unexpected emergency repair such as a water break or maintenance repair that will affect all or certain areas of the Resort. Simply ask the Front Desk to add you to the Constant Contact email list.

e. Facebook: The HOA does not host or monitor Facebook pages for owner comments. However ,we do have a classified page (“RCRVRClassifieds) for members and renters sell small items such as tables and chairs, gently used furniture, etc. Just ask to be admitted and the webmaster with let you in usually within a few days. NOTE: This Facebook page is NOT monitored by the HOA and content is the responsibility of individual users of the site.

9. Medical Emergencies are handled by calling 911 and then Security at 951-491-5699

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